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Program Takeaways:

3 month coaching

1. A Discovery Assessment of your needs.

A document the Participants will complete prior to the first session.

2. Customize Program/Tracks focused on

Entrepreneurship Solutions, Branding Strategies, Event Planning, Relationship Building & Management, and Event Execution} Each Participants needs are different. My goal is to tailor each experience to the participants goals based on the Assessment.

a. What does it mean? It means to define and develop a plan of action and/or the infrastructure for the “Who, What, Why, How, and Where?” of an event with the end in mind.
b. Creating a Event Checklist/Monthly To Do List
c. Venue & Vendor Selections/Referrals

4. Event Planning

a. Sales Strategies
b. How you present and what you present to the Prospective Client?
c. Pricing
d. Closing on the Sale.
e. OnBoarding New Clients 

3. SALES {How you go to Market?}

a. Brand Identity
b. Ideal Clients
c. How you communicate in the Marketplace?

2. Branding & Communication 

a. Business Structure
b. Attorney Council
c. Banking - Business Accounts

1. Entrepreneurship Solutions


a. Client Relationship
    i. Trust
    ii. Integrity
    iii. Privacy & Confidentiality
    iv. Referral Opportunity

b. Venue & Vendor Relationships
    i. Understanding their business model and what they offer.
    ii. Clarity in Communication.
    iii. Integrity/Honesty.

5. Relationship Building & Management

a. Event Itineraries
b. Venue + Vendor Team Meetings
c. Event Staff Communication + Walk-throughs + Meetings
d. Trouble-Shooting + Critical Thinking 

6. Event Day Production