How “We” Plan for 2013?

  1. This is such a great practice Nishaka! I love the focus on you & your husband planning individually & together. Each of your 5 key areas are part of my 9 Pillars of a Phenomenal Lifestyle. I see great minds think alike!

  2. This is awesome advice and explains why you have a wonderful marriage! I hope y’all are putting Hawaii in the discussion for 2013!

  3. Angela Bryant says:

    Really appreciate seeing your plans outline for 2013. My husband and I started a Friday Lunch table talk to share our goals and concern for our family,employment, marketing and networking our business and Church commitment. this year we are doing the same putting a plan together that include date night, one on one time, family time and vacation whether local or far way. We are also talking about cutting back on eating out and food portions and working out at least three days a week, budgeting and have a emergency account. So thanks again and conformation is always God ways of letting youknow you are on the right track.

  4. NProctor says:

    I’m glad this was very helpful.

  5. NProctor says:

    Thank you!

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