A couple months ago, the pantone spring 2013 colors were shared for the coming new year.  It’s awesome to learn and follow the fashion trends.  The pantone colors not only give the fashion industry direction on color schemes, but it also helps Brides think through their wedding colors in the planning process.  Reference Pantone […]

December 10, 2012

Your Style Your Venue!   I recently shared a blog about selecting the venue based on the style of your wedding theme.  I was inspired to do a part II because I received a comment requesting to see more venue pictures.  Plus, I have a couple Brides going through this process to find the right […]

November 27, 2012

by Nishaka Proctor Recently working with one of my Brides, she was having challenges finalizing her wedding colors. I thought about a few ways to help her narrow down her color theme. Just in case you are looking for some additional guidance, here are some ideas to help you too! Your Favorites: Simply think about […]

October 21, 2012

by Nishaka Proctor I spent a couple hours at a Bridal Fitting for one of my Brides and her Bridesmaids. We actually had a really good time with one another. The Bride, Four of the Bridesmaids, one Jr. Bridesmaid, Three Friends, plus the Wedding Planner were present for the fitting. A big group right. If […]

October 21, 2012

by Nishaka Proctor When planning your special event, two important items to determine are your budget and venue.   These two typically drive the rest of the decision making of all the to do’s of the event. Identify your theme for your special event and select a venue that matches your style. If you have a […]

October 21, 2012